How to think of us

We are a team of seasoned marketing professionals who have scaled businesses, grown teams, and driven outsized returns. Our core values include harnessing the power of data to inform and drive our strategies, enabling our clients to make informed choices that lead to sustainable growth. We believe that every partnership should be a strategic asset, and we work tirelessly to turn this belief into a reality for our clients.

Molly O'Beirne

Head of Global Growth

Muzio Pesaresi


Molly’s dream: after the acquisition of the affiliate marketing agency she helped build as employee #1, is to expand partnership marketing, focusing on introducing the growth strategies developed from over ten years in the affiliate space to brands ready to scale globally. Launching a data-driven, performance-based agency where transparency drives the partnership growth.

Muzio’s dream: is to further elevate ItalyPoint’s portfolio by seamlessly integrating partnership marketing services into its suite of internationalization offerings.

ItalyPoint is a dream come true for both partners.